Wing Chun Cirriculum

Wing Chun

The cornerstone of Kai Sai Wing Chun is the study of energy. More specifically it is the science of energy use, and control. It seeks to generate power and to control oncoming force without depending on physical size or strength. The key to this goal is the mastery of one’s own energy and the manipulation of the adversary’s energy.

Wing Chun Kai Sai Method

Level One
Shaolin Tao Chum Kil Mook Jong Form Core of the Core Chinese Boxing Synthesis Mook Jong Training Pakua Circle Walking 8 posture short form Paper on Wing Chun

Level Two
Bil Jee Butterfly Knives Short Tai Chi Form

Level Three
All things improved plus 5 Element form from Hsing-i. Long Pole Form Research regarding Wing Chun