Sabella Caucci Child Martial Artist & Actor

United States, Boynton Beach
Published by RUPTLY TV ON March 25, 2020 at 17:36 GMT +00:00

Sabella Caucci, an eight-year-old martial artist and the youngest person in the world to be a member of the Kai Sai Wing Chun International and the Chinese Boxing Institute International, was seen training with her father at her home in Boynton Beach, Florida, earlier in March.

Sabella Caucci

“If you are not going to force your kid to learn how to fight, which is important. So forcing them to go to school that’s mean too? No is a necessity, you need to do it. Otherwise, in the future, you won’t know two plus two,” explained the keen eight-year-old at her dojo.

Sabella started her training when she was 18 months old with her father Anthony Caucci, a licensed instructor of the ancient Chinese martial art. She is homeschooled by her mother Rebecca Caucci and holds dual US and Australian citizenship.

The young martial artist jumped to internet fame after her training videos were posted on her Instagram account (@Sabella777), and she is currently also learning Chin-Na (joint locking), Jeet Kune Do (fighting style popularized by Bruce Lee), Boxing, Ground fighting, Fukien White Crane style, Wa Lu, alongside the Kai Sai Chinese Boxing synthesis.

Besides her love of martial arts, Sabella loves acting and has been part of three short films just this year, and is one day hoping to combine her martial art skills with her acting, like some of her action-movie heroes.