Kai Sai Wing Chun vs Traditional Wing Chun

If you’ve heard that the Wing Chun Style is a weak defense in today’s MMA style combat. Please consider that traditional Wing Chun was designed some 350-400 years ago. It was designed to combat the fighting arts of that particular era.

The primary fighting arts included Northern and Southern Shaolin. The Northern styles of kung-fu generally emphasize long range techniques, quick advances and retreats, wide stances, kicking and leaping techniques, whirling circular blocks, quickness, agility, and aggressive attacks. The Southern styles emphasize hand techniques and close stances.

Many of the fighting styles of those times mimicked animals and as you can imagine were very ineffective and inefficient. We as humans should use a fighting system designed for the human body. Traditional Wing Chun did just that, but only to a certain extent. Wing Chun was designed to be the most efficient art of those times. It was in its simplicity that made it an excellent fighting system. While others were jumping and spinning to execute a technique, the Wing Chun practitioner took the most efficient and direct route to his target.

Although this system did not look fancy, it was quite effective. The problem with today’s Wing Chun is that many of the so called Grand Masters are not teaching Wing Chun to combat today’s street brawlers or UFC Fighters, but to teach the art in its traditional form. The same way they did 400 years ago. Sadly, this has given Wing Chun a really bad name in todays fighting world.

Have you seen anyone in the UFC or anywhere using Wing Chun in its TRADITIONAL form successfully?

I have not.. It is not the Wing Chun that is bad, but the way it is applied. Too many people are looking for the purest form of Wing Chun and think if they can trace their lineage closer to its creator “Ng Mui”, that their Wing Chun should be better than others. The big mistake in this type of thinking is not understanding what the creator had in her mind when she created the art. Yes, it was created by a woman and she used it to defeat the other arts that took much more strength to preform.

If Ng Mui was alive today and was in the process of creating Wing Chun, it would have been created to combat the fighting styles of today. So, if you want to learn how to fight using Wing Chun, do not look for Traditional Wing Chun, Ip Man Wing Chun, Yip Man Wing Chun or any style that is claiming pure Wing Chun.

Find a style that uses the techniques of Traditional Wing Chun but applies them to todays fighting world. Such as KAI SAI WING CHUN “The Study of Realistic Lethal Combat”

KAI SAI WING CHUN is the study of realistic lethal combat using the techniques of Traditional Wing Chun, Ip Many Wing Chun or Yip Man Wing Chun.

KAI SAI (Mr. Christopher Casey)was the first ever to receive a full teachers license from Grand Master Lo Man Kam http://www.lomankam.de/index.php/english-articles/97-lo-man-kam-narrates. However, since KAI SAI’s pursuit was to develop a fighting system for today’s fighting world, he had to alter what he was taught so that it was more effective and more realistic. Kai Sai had a genius I.Q and applied this to his martial arts fighting systems. If something did not make sense to him, then it must be changed, and thus it made the style more effective and efficient. Since Kai Sai received his teachers license from Lo Man Kam in the early 70’s he dedicated the last 10 years of his life to enhancing his Wing Chun so that it would be a realistic style of fighting in today’s world. Since KAI SAI was not in the business of commercializing his fighting system, there were only a handful of people who had the privilege of learning this system. There are approximately 5 people in the world licensed to teach KAI SAI WING