Chin Na

Wing Chun

Chin na su (Chinese: 術; pinyin: shù meaning technique) literally translates as technique of catching and locking in Chinese.. Chin Na features both standing and ground based grappling techniques.

The Kai Sai method of applying Chin-Na is different from most traditional teaching methods. Traditionally Chin-Na is taught to subdue your opponent until they are helpless. Under this scenario, once your opponent is down and surrenders, eventually you have to let him go. The problem with this is, it allows your opponent another chance to attack you. This time he may use a weapon and the tables may turn on you. The Kai Sai method only uses Chin-Na to get you a better position for a finishing technique. Once the finishing technique is executed, the opponent does not have another chance to attack since the Kai Sai method uses lethal force. Since Wing Chun is a close range fighting art Chin-Na is an excellent arsenal to have. Many Traditional Wing Chun schools do not teach Chin-Na. Kai Sai Wing Chun has a full Chin-Na curriculum that includes Death Messengers and Lethal Locators

Here are some basic principles that one should adhere to when using Chin-Na:

  • Never force a Chin-Na lock, let it come naturally
  • Chin-Na should be set up prior to the execution of the lock i.e. a kick to the groin or whip to the eye. This will distract your opponent and will give you time to execute your lock. Once the lock is in place, pain and leverage will help you maneuver your opponent so that you can execute your finishing technique
  • If you are going to use a Chin-Na technique, make sure it is the most efficient move at the time of execution. Don’t do Chin-Na just for the sake of doing Chin-Na
  • Do not use your Chin- Na as the finishing technique unless it is combined with a technique that fits the Kai Sai Finish.

Chin Na must not be thought of as a finishing technique as most instructors teach. It is possible to subdue your opponent with a Chin Na lock. However, there is a problem with this type of thinking in real combat. What do you do once your attacker is down? Letting him up only give him another chance to attack you. The next time he may be successful in his attack. Chin Na must be used to set up the finishing blow.

  • Chin Na must always be set up with a mind hit prior to the lock in order to distract your opponent unless it falls into place naturally. Do not go into a fight with the mindset that you are going to do Chin Na. It may not fall into place and forcing it will just jeopardize you
  • Use the smallest circle possible, and ambush when applicable

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